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On-line papers available as html, pdf or pps files

A review of Dragons at Your door: How Chinese Cost Innovation is Disrupting Global Competition by Ming Zeng and Peter J. Williamson. This is a preprint of an article which appeared in Prometheus, Vol. 26 no.4, December 2008 [copyright Taylor & Francis]

Draft available here.

"Science entrepreneurs need better business skills" New Scientist 23 February 2008. Stephen Little was among a number of business and management educators and students who contributed to this article which discusses the value of business knowledge to scientists and technologists.

available here

Little S. & Kale D. (2006) Flows and Cohesion: balancing capabilities across an expanded union presented at Regional Studies Association Conference Shaping EU Regional Policy: Economic Social and Political PressuresLeuven, June 2006

Paper and PowerPoint slideshow here

Little S.E. & Grieco M.S. (2006) Big Pharma, international labour, social movements and the internet: coordination and critical perspectives on international business presented to the panel on Global Unionism in the 'Information Age': Information Communication Technologies and Effective Bargaining at the International Conference on Global Companies - Global Unions, Global Research - Global Campaignsorganised by the School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University, New York, 9-11 February 2006

Paper and PowerPoint slideshow here

Little S.E. (2006)The social impacts of intelligent infrastructure on transport (644kb pdf format) a "state of science review" for the DTI Foresight Project on Intelligent Infrastructure Systems.


Grieco M. & Little S (2005) Performing borders: sustaining culture and identity, challenging global organization presented at APROS 11 the Asia-Pacific Researchers in Organization Studies 11th International Colloquium Melbourne, Australia 4-7 December 2005

PowerPoint slideshow here

Little S.E. (2004) Twin Towers, Amoy Gardens and Transport Choices Plenary presentation to Alternative Mobility Futures Conference, Centre for Moblilities Research, Lancaster University, January 2004. altfutures.ppt
Little S.E. & Grieco M.S. (2003) From Bletchley Park to the NSA: scientific management and "surveillance society" in the Cold War and beyond presented at Critical Management Studies 3 Conference, Stream 9: Cold War and Management. Lancaster University, July 2003. cms03.pdf
Little S.E. & Grieco M. S. (2003) Electronic Stepping Stones: a mosaic metaphor for the production and re-distribution of skill in electronic mode presented at the 19th EGOS Colloquium: Organization Analysis Informing Social and Global Development Copenhagen Business School, July 2003. stones.html
Little S.E. (2002) "Building on Virtual Common Ground: design participation for the network age" presented at Common Ground: DRS Conference 2002. commonground.html
Little S.E. (extended abstract) "Cultural barriers to virtual co-location: Distributed creativity in the information age" presented at APROS 2001 Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong SAR, P.R.C. barriers.pdf
Little S.E. & Ray T.E. (extended abstract) "Relocating skill in an information age: an African experience" presented at APROS 2001. skill.html
Ray T.E. & Little S.E. (2001) "Communication and context: collective tacit knowledge and knowing in Japan's workplace ba" Creativity and Innovation Management . ba.pdf
Little S.E. (2001) "Managing Knowledge at a Distance: Knowledge management and electronic learning tools in the UK Open University MBA" BHERT News No.11, Business/Higher Education Round Table, Melbourne Australia. bhert.pdf
Little S. Holmes L. & Grieco M. (2000) "Island histories, open cultures?: the electronic transformation of adjacency" Southern African Business Review, 4 (2) December 2000, 21-25. island.pdf
Little S. Holmes L. & Grieco M. (2000) "Calling up culture: information spaces and information flows as the virtual dynamics of inclusion and exclusion" Presented at IFIP WG 9.4 Conference: Information Flows, Local Improvisations and Work Practices, Cape Town, May 2000, revised for Information Technology & People. callup.pdf
 Kaye G.R. & Little S.E. (2000) "Non-linear and Dysfunctional Development Paths of Information and Communication Technology: Cultural conflicts" Journal of Global Information Management Vol.8 no.1 Jan-Mar 2000, pp.5-13. nonlin.html
 Little S.E. (1999) “Global Production and Global Consumption: Designing Organisations and Networks for the Next Century” Creativity and Innovation Management Vol. 8 no.1, March 1999, pp.8-19. global.html

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Additional On-line Material

Design and Determination: the role of information technology in redressing regional inequities in the development process is a book in the Voices in Development Series with Ashgate Publishing, Aldershot.


Beyond Integration: the uses of disorder a 340kb PowerPoint show of the Discussant's response to Session 9: 'Integration Challenges in Ubiquitous Computing', IFIP WG-8.2 Working conference: Designing Ubiquitous Information : Socio-technical Issues and Challenges, Wetherhead School of Management, Case Western University, Cleveland, August 2005


Space, Location and Knowledge includes a 300kb pdf file consisting of a set of overheads prepared for a presentation at the Transport Research Institute, Napier University in April 2001. slk.html

Relocating Skill in an Information age - an African experience includes a 272kb pdf file consisting of a set of overheads prepared for a MKIRU Seminar at the Open University Business School in October 2001.


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Publications from Collaborative Projects

Volume 2 number 1

edited by Kenneth Macdonald and Margaret Grieco, published March 2007

A special issue on Accessibility, Mobility and Connectivity

My contribution: Flows and Cohesion: Balancing Capabilities across an expanded Union with Dinar Kale

Mobilities 2(1) 2006

European Spatial Research and Policy
Volume 13 number 1.

edited by Margaret Grieco, published 2006

A special issue in Memory of Professor Torstein Hagerstand

My contribution: The Skill of Travel: Networks into Neighbourhoods with Len Holmes and Frank Go

European Spatial Research and PolicyESRP 13(1)

European Spatial Research and Policy
Volume 10, number 2

edited by Margaret Grieco, Stephen Little and Kenneth Macdonald, published November 2003.

A special issue on electronic data interchange, metadata and metagovernance.

My contribution: Globalisation, Europeanisation and Metagovernance

European Spatial Research and PolicyESRP 10(2)

Organising in the Information Age:
Distributed technology, distributed leadership, distributed identity, distributed discourse

edited by Len Holmes, Dian Marie Hosking and Margaret Grieco published September 2003, Ashgate Press

A set of chapters developed from papers initially presented in the Electronic Ontologies stream at the APROS Colloquium, Dec 2000, Sydney

My contribution: Distributed Globalisation: Identity, virtuality and adjacency

Organising in the Information Age

The Managing Knowledge Reader

For the third presentation of B823 "Managing Knowledge" the OUBS co-published a revised set of readings with Sage as Little S.E. Quintas P. & Ray T.E. (Eds) (2002) Managing Knowledge: An Essential Reader Sage Publications, London, ISBN 0-7619-7213-7. The book includes several original chapters by course team members which frame a collection of key articles.

A second edition of this reader, Little S.E. & Ray T.E. (Eds) ISBN 1-4129-1241-5, was published in 2005
Little, Quintas & Ray (2001)

Second Global Change Conference, Manchester

A selection of papers and keynote contributions to the Second Global Change Conference held at Manchester Metropolitan University form the basis of a book published by Palgrave as

Thorpe R. & Little S.E. (eds) (2001) Global Change: the Impact of Asia in the 21st Century Palgrave, London, ISBN 0-333-92006-6.
Thorpe & Little (2001)

Special Issue of Urban Studies on Intelligent Urban Development

This issue was co-edited with Margaret Grieco, Napier University Edinburgh, and Len Holmes, University of North London

My contribution:.

 Little S.E. (2000)"Networks and Neighbourhoods: Household, Community and Sovereignty in the Global Economy" Special Issue on Intelligent Urban Development, Urban Studies Vol.37 no.10, September, pp.1811-1823
Intelligent Urban Development
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